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The sponge
  • Al Rabea sponges are characterized by being free of calcium bicarbonate a substance that erodes and spoils the sponge in several months and gives(unreal hardness).
  • Basic and agent materials in the manufacture of Al Rabea sponges are used in accordance with the international standards (iso) in force.
  • Al Rabea company has been keen to provide machines and equipment that produce different types of sponge, as well as automatic cutting machines and engineering designs on demand with the availability of several different densities of ordinary sponges along with (memory)sponges and sophisticated machines and skilled hands it is possible to form blocks of sponge in several densities and interlock them in each other without adesives, thus providing a greater scope for the use of Al Rabea sponges in other fields such as processing gyms, making molds, saving and pack any product, and using it as a soundproof wall in the halls by using this technique, the mattress industry can mimic the special requirement of patients with backpain and spine by identifying which areas need high rigidity and others that need flexibility,as well as the proper alignment of required movements and ventilation.