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Perfecting The Art Of Sleep

Since its establishment in 2005, Al-Rabeea one of the industrial.
Libyan companies producing industrial sponge molds, mattresses pillows,quilts and furniture accessories.
Through continuous development, innovation,and future vision,the company has been able to expand its product diversification and blend quality and luxury.

Alrabeea Group includes several companies, such as Alrabeea Sponge and Mattresses, Al Rabeea diapers company, Alrabeea Alabyad for Furniture Import Company, Al Najah Insulation Panels and Al Rabeea Agricultural Company.

Also aims to establish new companies in other activities and sectors to diversify investment otherwise, opening new horizons for work and production in anticipation of improving the general conditions of the country and to increase the effectiveness of the administration and improve its efficiency.

work has been directed towards the establishment of Alrabeea holding company to increase the efficiency of performance and coordination of efforts and gain economies of scale advantage Alrabeea sponge and mattresses company was established in2005 and currently employs a large number of workers and offers a variety of products to the local market. The company provides sponge with multiple densities and produces mattresses of various sizes, both sponge and other. with Springs, The company also added during the current year a factory for the production of saloons.

Alrabeea diapers company produces, diapers, adult diapers and wet wipes.

Al najah company, produces panels insulating roof and walls used in the construction of the warehouse.

Alrabeea Alabyad is importing furniture

Al-Rabeea Agricultural Company aims to reclaim agricultural lands and cultivate olives in a dense agricultural manner, in addition to producing and importing seedlings and settling some plants and trees in the Libyan environment from abroad. .

Alrabeea group is currently in the process of reorganizing, developing its administrative and financial systems, establishing a new structure and formulating plans and objectives that reflect the Group’s new strategy in collaboration with specialized institutions in this field. Revision and amendment..


We always aspire to improve the credibility with our customer by providing the reliable product to the highest degree,so we want to leave a good impression beyond expectations.

Our commitment

We are committed to quality and therefore received iso9001 international certification,where our products are inspected at every stage of production and manufacturing, and subject to quality control processes through accurate tests before delivery to customers.


We aim to become global manufactures through high quality,competitive production and marketing of sponges and mattresses.